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mercredi 2 mai 2012 18:04

[Traduction] Lettre d'information DuckDuckGo n°26

Voici une adaptation de la lettre d'information du moteur de recherche DuckDuckGo, édition du 1er mai 2012 :

Chers(ères) ami-e-s de DuckDuckGo,

Today we're launching an open source platform that enables developers to create instant answer plugins on DuckDuckGo: I've written up an announcement on my blog here:

As you probably know, we already have a lot of goodies: & DuckDuckHack allows programmers to create new plugins, and we hope that over time these open source contributions will dwarf our internal goodies.

There are probably more than a few searches that have frustrated you. Perhaps some of these results could have been improved by great instant answers. Please feel free to share such ideas on

Gabriel [Weinberg] ~ fondateur de DuckDuckGo,

Lien vers la source (en anglais).

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